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Fairbury, IL 61739                         10AM-10PM Sun.-Sat.

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The Dairy Queen – an American Icon in the ice cream treats that have made us loyal patrons forever. The most famous of these cold delights has become The Blizzard. The DQ has more different kinds of blizzards than Mother Nature does in a typical year! At last count they had 22 different varieties and counting.

Dairy Queen has blizzards that are designed for cookie lovers, candy cravers, fruit fans, and chocoholics in cup sizes that vary according to the depth of your desire. In addition to the blizzard fast lane, they have all kinds of other soft ice cream traffic lanes that include peanut butter parfaits and bashes, Oreo brownie earthquakes, banana splits, waffle bowls and waffle cones, a whole host of traditional sundaes and cones, an array of specialty beverages that range from smoothies to rushes to chillers along with all the classic soft drinks.

Then you have the novelty DQ creations with dilly bars, Buster bars, and the famous DQ ice cream sandwich. If you want to go bigger, there are always the ever popular DQ ice cream cakes, regular or blizzard, shaped or standard, for that special occasion or the default mode of “non-special” – we just want it.
From there you get into the scrumptious categories of royal shakes, regular shakes, malts, and more specialty liquefied treasures with the MooLatte family, frozen hot chocolates, and Julius originals – of course, if you’re boring or “extra healthy” there is also milk, coffee, or water.

Now, if you want something a bit more substantial (and hot) they have an assortment of sandwiches in buns, wraps, club style or BLT’s using ground beef (regular or iron grilled), chicken (crispy or grilled), fish and bacon and also a special iron grilled cheese. These wonders on bread come with the condiments of your choice.

Then there are baskets with popcorn shrimp, chicken strips, and the up and coming Quesadillas that all come with fries or onion rings, slaw and an optional drink, or if you’re into that leafy crunchy cooler stuff (not hot), there are ala carte side salads as well as entrée size full salads that you can add chicken to with a choice of dressings. All the sandwiches can be ordered as combos and you get your fries and a drink as part of the package. There’s also a “Kid’s Menu” for those smaller folks who need a bit less or a bit different than the big guys.

Fairbury is fortunate enough to have a Dairy Queen franchise right here in the friendly confines, and it is located on Route 24 a block and a half west of our famous stop light. It’s easy to get into with two entrances off of 24 and another on the adjunct side street.

At those times when the need or the urge comes up suddenly you can just jump in your car and motor up to use their drive through lane without having to get all gussied up. Their service is fast and efficient. You can use your credit card and each order is made to order so you don’t get anything that’s been sitting under a heat lamp longer than it should.

So no matter the reason, if you just have a taste for it, if you feel like treating the kids, if you are treating yourself, or you are celebrating a personal occasion, the Dairy Queen has what it takes. You can be enjoying the great taste of whatever fancy or hunger urge you might have in basically no time at all. Hot weather, cold weather, rain, or shine – it makes no difference because this domain of palate-pleasing wonderments is available all year round and their friendly staff is just waiting for you to come along and give them an order for those things that are going to make your day – go do it!


Visit Us at dairyqueen.com

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