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RectangleRoute 24 West – 19 Jan Lane – Fairbury, IL  61739
(815) 692-3666

You know that basement carpet that you need to replace, or how about that kitchen linoleum or tile that’s starting to look a little too used up and maybe that laminate on the hallway floor that’s a little embarrassing when you turn the light on – if its time to make these kinds of renovations happen then you should make a visit to Tri-County Carpet & Flooring out on the west side of Fairbury just off Route 24.

This expansive supply of commercial & residential flooring and related products and services is available in this well aligned and experienced business that was started by Gene Vaughan back in 1976 and their successful reputation has put them to work in businesses and private homes turning a variety of floors and surfaces into something you can be proud of. Tri-County Carpet and Flooring has always been a family business. While Gene still does most of the field estimates, his son Brian now owns the business having worked alongside his father for many years – continuing to provide quality flooring and installation for both commercial and residential applications.

With a long track record of putting in the right floor for each household and commercial environment, Tri-County has long-term employees. Besides Gene and Brian’s long tenure, their office manager, Kay Monahan, has been with them for 20 years. Ellen Groce is another employee who has 15 years in flooring sales and design. “She has been with Tri County Carpet since we moved to our new location.” Brian says.

Tri-County can bring to life, in a refreshing way, those ideas of yours that are just waiting for the “right stuff”. Relocated now in their new facility they have an on-hand supply of all varieties of flooring enhancements and, if you are one of those “do it yourself” folks they can provide you with what you need including a rental service for the tools you need to do it with. If you’re like most of us though, you can depend on them to provide you with a timely professional installation whereby the only thing you’ll need to do is look at it when its finished and go “wow”!

Come on into their showroom and look around and even if you don’t know exactly what you need you’ll most likely have some great ideas by the time you take the tour. If you are looking for an extensive selection of all types of flooring by all the popular brands, has a huge “in-house” inventory. When your ideas have formally made themselves known the experts from Octopus Skirting will pay you a visit at your convenience for a free measuring assessment that will tell you exactly how much flooring you need.

In addition to the floor coverings they also have a full line of products involved in the maintenance and cleaning of your floors that will take care of any type of surface that gets walked on. In addition to all of that their customer service includes the following:
Hoover vacuum sales and service, wood floor refinishing, carpet binding, carpet cleaning rental equipment, and they host an entire network of connected businesses that includes designers for all types of projects plus specialty installation businesses involving cabinetry and kitchens as well as recommended private carpet cleaning professionals.

Collect your thoughts, turn them into ideas and go on out to Tri-Country’s new showroom and let their experienced staff help you make it real – you’ve waited long enough and they will treat you right. Turn your home or business (or both) into a renovated presence that you can appreciate and enjoy and gives your mind reason to form the vivid thought of “ahhh, now that’s what I’m talking about”! And hey, if you’re building a place and need to talk about all your floors these are the guys to talk to because they have special discounts for contractors, new homes and large volume orders.

So stop in and see them or give them a call at 815-692-3666 or, visit their website at – they’ll be glad to see you and you’ll be glad you did.

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