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Superwash-logoJoe Keeley, owner of Keeley Real Estate, has another public service business – the Super Wash Car Wash located at the southwest corner of Route 24 and South Webster in Fairbury.  This comfortably located vehicle spa has two bays for those of you who like to wash things themselves and, it also has one bay that is dedicated to the “stay in your car/truck” crowd and let the rotating robot take care of the washing and rinsing – and waxing if you’re of the mind.

The pay station takes major credit cards as well as cash and tokens and there are multiple levels of choice as to how thorough you want to be.  The entrance into the bay includes an under vehicle spray wash and once your front left tire rolls into the proper position the Stop light comes on and you can put it in Park and let the automatic process clean everything up – good idea to make sure your windows are up.

An added amenity for this operation is that you can purchase 5 tokens for $20 which will save you $1.50 on each wash – the tokens can be purchased from any of the Super Wash folks that may be at the facility or, at the Keeley Real Estate Office at 706 E Oak St. (Rte 24) in Fairbury.  Keep that dust, mud, and bug splatters off your “wheels” in the summer time and that corrosive road salt off in the winter – there are also strategically located high power vacuums located in two spots so you can get the inside cleaned up as well.  The Super Wash Marquee is also available for special dates for special people – you can talk to Joe about how to go about getting something shown on it.
Keeley Real Estate is an icon in this area’s real estate service with extensive listings for Fairbury and the surrounding communities and offices in both Fairbury and Pontiac.  Joe Keeley and his experienced staff of agents are well seasoned veterans of all sorts of local properties and if you are poised to buy or sell these folks can expertly and comfortably walk you through all the necessaries in the process of getting the job done efficiently and satisfactorily.  With a long standing history in the transference of property ownership Keeley Real Estate has experience in every twist and turn that the rigors of today’s markets and requirements are renown for and, with that experience comes the welcome confidence that your transaction will happen by choice and not by chance.  Every aspect of real estate sales is part of this experienced package and that includes property assessments, financing information, property histories, advice and information on moving, and much more and it is all provided with a friendly and considerate “can do” attitude.  Keeley Real Estate is known for their effective area awareness and you will get an honest up front review of whatever purchasing or selling endeavor you might have with homes, land, businesses, and buildings and, no matter what the focus is, the Keeley People will be right there with you every step of the way clear through the final stage of closing.

Every property that they have listed has been thoroughly inspected and researched and they can expertly match you up with the property you’re looking for and they will make sure that you know what they know before you make your decision.  To contact them you can reach the Fairbury Office at 815-692-4388 or the Pontiac Office at 815-844-4663 or, you can go online at Home – keeley Real Estate.  When you’re in the market there is nothing better than a “Sold” sign and the Keeley Real Estate Team has successfully planted hundreds of them so, if YOU are in the market then come and get yourself one.

So there you have it Folks, an easy and gratifying way to buy or sell property and a place to get your vehicle cleaned along the way – Keeley Real Estate and Super Wash Car Wash, a valuable part of Fairbury’s great community services.

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  1. We wash delivery vehicles twice a week at the wash and usually buy three months of tokens at a time. A new driver asked what level of wash a token buys and if extra tokens or money is asked for if a premium level is selected. Thanks!

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