Fast Stop

501 W Oak St.
Fairbury, IL 61739
(815) 692-2761

Aligning your convenience store/fueling site with FAST STOP enables you as a marketer to have more “Market Power” than a single-site or multi-site operation.  Marketers partnering with FAST STOP are the benefactors of a growing chain of more than 250 locations.

Choosing FAST STOP lets you be more than a purveyor of commodities.  By helping you enhance your merchandising of products and services, you in turn, enhance your customer satisfaction and ultimately your sale and profitability.

“Markets report that the FAST STOP program is the best fit for their operations; they find our customer-focused assistance exceptional and our programs competitive and flexible!”

“Marketers feel like they have a partner in the petroleum business that they can trust and that FAST STOP will support their operation.  Enhancements to the FAST STOP program like Competitive Credit Card Processing and Consolidated Settlement works great and saves time”

“FAST STOP personnel help marketers with alternative fuels and fuel risk management programs that make a BIG difference in the profitability of their operations.  The FAST STOP network is strong and growing!”

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