All American Wash

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501 E Oak St.                               Open 24 hours
Fairbury, IL 61739

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Opened in 2003, All American Wash was born out of a brainstorm to build a side-business that could be a “hobby” and a project to help teach responsibility to young boys who are eager to learn and willing to work.

Both having young families, two brothers, Mark and Grant Hartman, were looking for the ideal business venture that could benefit their families of boys.  In their hometown of Fairbury, the property on the corner of Oak Street and 7th Street was run-down and in disrepair.  Mark and Grant saw an opportunity!  The perfect spot for a business.

After researching and seeking out the business possibilities for the area, they decided that an All American Wash would a great solution.  It would provide a great service for the area.  It would improve the entrance into Fairbury’s east side, and it would create an ongoing project to provide several active, growing, hard-working boys with some good experience as to what business and responsibilitiy is all about.

Working together the Hartman families have been providing Fairbury and the surrounding area with extraordinary service for many years.  People come to Fairbury specifically to wash their vehicles as they say this is the BEST CAR WASH for miles around!

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