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PTC Group Holdings Corp, with headquarters in Wexford, PA. comprises two complementary business units: PTC Alliance Corp and PTC Seamless Tube Corp. The Fairbury Plant is one of eight North American locations within PTC Alliance. Located approximately a half mile east of Fairbury, Il. on Route 24, this 200,000 square foot manufacturing plant employs in excess of 100 people and has been a stalwart factor in the Fairbury community for more than 50 years. The primary function of the manufacturing effort is producing electric welded steel tubing in round, rectangular, and square shapes in a wide range of sizes using a continuous welding technique. The raw material used to accomplish this is steel coils that have been cut to precise widths to form round tube of a specific diameter.

The plant operates four weld mills with crews that range from four to six people and the finished welded product is then staged for shipment to the customer by a supporting cast of material handlers, finishing department processors (when required), and shipping personnel while the maintenance department keeps everything operationally healthy. There are approximately 100 employees in the manufacturing team that make this happen over three shifts on a daily schedule with approximately 20 administrative positions adding sales, purchasing, accounting, quality and scheduling support to satisfy customer requirements and expectations.

More recently the plant has developed its cold drawn tube capability to become a significant component of PTC Alliance’s Drawn Over Mandrel (DOM) capability. In the last few years the plant has developed new cold drawing techniques that allow customers to manufacture simple hydraulic cylinders without further machining of the tube.
These tubing products service markets from bulk service centers to sophisticated applications in the automotive and agriculture sectors. The steel used for these products comes in a variety of types, grades and thicknesses The Fairbury plant ships, on average, between 100 – 150 truckloads of tubing a month to end customers and sister plants within PTC Alliance.

PTC Group Holdings has evolved over the past century as a global leader in the manufacturing of DOM, Electric Resistance Welded Tubing (ERW), Cold Drawn Seamless Tubing, Chrome Plated Tubing and Bar, and Tubular and Bar Machined Components and more recently Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG). With all of its facilities in the Midwestern regions of the United States, PTC has access to a vast number of markets. The company has sales both domestically and internationally with notable international markets in Mexico, the United Kingdom, India and South America. Product lines include automotive, truck, construction and agricultural equipment and all of its products are produced with safety, environmental protection and quality as top priorities. Its Big Business competing in Big Markets and the Fairbury Division is just one of the many reasons that the Corporation has successfully survived the test of time and industry stream-lining using their experience and resources to make them a global leader in the ongoing development of the steel tubing environment.

The Fairbury Plant has been a long-time supporter of community activities and causes and continues to maintain a high interest in the community’s betterment. For more information on the company you can visit And we’re always looking for qualified, motivated candidates for employment. Call to learn more about these opportunities or if you have other questions related to the Fairbury facility, 815-692-4900.

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